About Us - Smith's Tees

Welcome to Smith's Tees, where style meets self-expression for you and your entire family. Smith's Tees was founded in 2022 by Ty Smith and her ten year old son. Our collection is not just trendy, it's a simple and cool way to make a statement without uttering a word. We take immense joy in creating these tees, and we're confident you'll enjoy wearing them as much as we love crafting them for you.


Our statement t-shirts are more than just garments – they're confidence boosters and tools for self-expression. With each shirt, you'll effortlessly turn heads, provoke giggles, receive approving head nods, and sprinkle smiles all around you. It's a language of fashion that speaks volumes.


We believe in inclusivity, offering something for everyone in your family. And guess what? If there's a specific statement missing, we're more than happy to add your favorites to our collection.


For any inquiries or custom additions, drop us a line at help@smithstees.com. We're here to make your statement dreams come true.


Don't miss out! Grab your favorite tee today, wear it proudly, and let's collectively Make A Statement!